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Galkin With Children Scared Pugacheva

TV presenter Maxim Galkin posted a joke video on his Instagram. The 7-year-old children of the host and Alla Pugacheva – Lisa and Harry – decided to scare their father with the scarecrow “Death”, which was made of black fabric and a mop. The presenter was not afraid of the tricks of his son and daughter, and then they offered to pull this trick with his mother. Galkin agreed and scared the singer by going up to her in this outfit. From fear, the prima donna jumped on the chair and threw a towel at her husband. The children were glad that their prank was a success.

Fans of the couple, after such a comic video, were still scared for Alla Borisovna: “What if a heart attack”, “Poor Alla”, “Take care of the Prima Donna’s heart” (the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru), – the network users worried.

Recall that this academic year Lisa and Harry Galkin went to first grade. Children study in an elite private school, where tuition amounts to 288 thousand rubles a month.

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