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Scientist assesses the chances of developing herd immunity to COVID-19

Humanity, most likely, does not have to rely on collective immunity to coronavirus, Alexander Chepurnov, a virologist who has twice been ill with COVID-19, and a leading researcher at the Federal Research Center for Fundamental and Translational Medicine (Novosibirsk) told RIA Novosti.

According to him for the first time he contracted the coronavirus accidentally during a transfer at Moscow Sheremet yevo airport, and after recovering he watched the rate of disappearance of antibodies immunity and decided to check if a second disease was possible.

I did not deliberately defend myself This meant that there were still some immune defense mechanisms that, while not being obvious, like cellular immunity and antibodies, nevertheless worked for the time being.

He explained that it was after such a time that he became infected again, so he came to the conclusion that the duration of immunity to coronavirus is about six monthes, depending on the individual characteristics of the person.

In both cases, bilateral pneumonia developed in both cases antibiotic therapy helped to get rid of it. The virus was tested negative, after which I was discharged from the hospital ten days ago Chepurnov said. He added that he plans to describe the experiment in a scientific publication. He does not intend to put himself in danger again.

This is the most important point As a result, we need either a very effective chemotherapy drug or a vaccine. The vaccine should either be of a prolonged nature, that is, one that will persist for a certain period of time in the human body and stimulate the immune system for a long time. Or it must be a vaccine that can be added periodically. From what can be seen today, this is most likely a “killed” vaccine. Our Institute named after Chumakov makes it, and most of all the Chinese have advanced in this regard, ‚ÄĚChepurnov concluded.

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