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Ready For Cold Weather: What Car Parts Need To Be Prepared For Winter

Preparation for the cold season is necessary not only for us, but also for our “iron horse”. However, many motorists limit themselves to changing tires, believing that such “preparation” is quite enough. But how responsibly you approach the upgrade of the car depends not only on the high-quality work of all parts of the car, but also on safety, and therefore we have collected the main points that any driver should take into account, as soon as the temperature on the street goes into a serious minus.

Check the brushes and glass cleaner

Your safety and the safety of your passengers depend on the quality of the brushes when it is not just rain outside, but also snow. At full speed in such weather, cracked rubber wipers will absolutely not help: frozen drops on the glass will not spoil your visibility and you will have to stop periodically to clean the windshield. Experts recommend inspecting the brushes at least every six months to make sure they are working. Do not wait for bad weather, and even in the cold, to make sure that the brushes still needed to be replaced.
Checking the quality of the oil

Engine performance is the first thing to worry about. Many motorists prefer to save on oil, but by doing so they accelerate the wear of the engine, which at one point may overheat. It is important to make sure that the oil, even if it is of super quality, did not have a high viscosity, since the slow distribution of the oil can lead to damage and further engine repair. Ask what type of oil is most suitable for your car and try not to listen to the advice of your “expert” friends, whose car is a completely different model.

Checking locks

Many drivers pay even less attention to locks than to the quality of the oil. Nevertheless, we recommend preparing door locks and seals for freezing temperatures “overboard”. If you do not go outside freezing trying to get into a car whose locks are slightly frozen, treat them with a water repellent designed specifically for vehicles. It is best to do these manipulations even before you have to rake the car out of the snow.

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