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Media: Socialite With a Smashed Head Found in the Center of Moscow

REN reports on the discovery of a woman’s body with a broken head in Ruzheiny Lane in the center of the capital. The deceased is a “socialite”, the TV channel reports.
The channel’s website publishes a photo from the scene of the emergency: the body was found on the asphalt next to the building.

It is reported that the circumstances of the death of the 46-year-old woman are being established, however, according to some reports, she had problems with her businessman husband. REN reports that the couple decided to divorce, and the woman allegedly was very upset about the separation.

According to a TASS source, the body was found by eyewitnesses at about 13:00 on Tuesday. The woman’s body is seriously injured, some parts of it have been torn off the quote is quoted.
The preliminary version of the cause of death is a fall from a great height.

Tabloids report that the deceased was a well-known character in a secular “get-together”, made friends with the wives of wealthy businessmen and often appeared in the publications of the “gloss”.

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