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The Water In The Washer Reservoir Is Frozen: What To Do

Winter, as usual, came unexpectedly not only for the employees of utilities, but also for the drivers themselves. As if there are no weather forecasts, or we do not know that frosts occur even in early autumn, let alone the end of November. But not the point.

Today we are not looking at the causes, but the effects. Forgot to drain the car glass washer reservoir. And at night, the temperature outside dropped below zero, and the water turned into ice.

What to do?

Firstly, in no case try to repeatedly press the washer motor activation lever expecting it to work. If it didn’t buzz right away, then stop. This can end in a blown fuse at best. And at worst, a fire and a completely burnt car. Here’s how! Scared? And rightly so.

Then what to do?

Many drivers who have encountered the above problem are looking for an answer on the Internet. There are tips there, but many of them are not working, and some are generally dangerous for your car.

For instance:

Here is my comment. This advice is useful, but only works in cars that have a washer reservoir under the hood. If the tank is under the bumper or under the wing, then do not warm the engine, there will be no sense.

Or here’s another:

Good advice! In principle, even a worker, but again. In order to get to the washer reservoir, which stands under the front bumper, you must at least remove the wheel arch liner, which is not fun at all in the cold. Well, if you nevertheless decided and got to all parts of the wiper system, then the main thing is not to melt the plastic hoses, nozzles and, by the way, the washer reservoir itself, with the same hairdryer. The temperature of the air that blows from the hair dryer can be very deceiving in the cold.

Here’s another tip:

• Apparently after watching the films, the author suggests “boil a kettle of water and pour some of it into the washer tank, and pour the hoses and nozzles for the rest”

And it seems to me that the author of this unique advice forgot to finish writing – and thereby aggravate the evil. Because melting you will not melt anything, but the ice will become even more. Since the water that you pour into the washer reservoir will cool and freeze. And what you pour on the hoses and nozzles is not clear where it will drain and where it will turn into ice.

Next tip:

Friends! This can of course work, but provided that the washer reservoir is in the engine compartment, and on modern cars such an arrangement is very rare. And there is a small chance that everything will thaw in 15 minutes. But there is a chance that you will have to paint the hood and bumper. Because it is not known how the paint and varnish material will react to the blanket lying on it. And do not try to put a blanket under the hood, it is generally unsafe.

Next masterpiece:

• “Take pure alcohol and a syringe !!! (Every motorist has this) And with a syringe and a thin needle, pour alcohol into the washer nozzle.

This is really nonsense. How much is needed for this? A week? Month? Or will it thaw itself by spring? The alcohol had to be poured before the whole system froze, not after.

In general, reading this all had fun from the heart.

I will say that I advise customers of my car service if they call me with a voiced problem.

Not for myself, for the car. In my car service I even have such a free option for clients, it’s called come and thaw. The owner brings his car and drives off to work. And returning after work, he receives a thawed car and an anti-freeze liquid is poured into the system.

So, the advice is simple: if the water is frozen in the washer reservoir, hoses and nozzles, do not torture yourself. Find a warm garage near you, or call the service station where you service the car and ask them. If there are normal people there, they will not refuse and will let you warm up the car for a little money. The cities have warm, free parking in shopping centers. Even in a pandemic, grocery stores are open and you can leave the car for three or four hours, and while it is warming up, make purchases in the store.

After the car has warmed up, check the engine. If it works, pour a little anti-freeze into the system, go out into the street, completely pump the system, to zero. And then fill it with non-freezing liquid. The problem has been resolved.

The most correct of them is to use an electric hairdryer, having previously provided access to the washer reservoir, hoses and nozzles. And be sure to check in advance on a sheet of plain paper the real air temperature that the electric hair dryer gives.

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