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You Can Do It: Stylist Pavel Vaan On How To Have A Haircut At Home

What mistakes are most often made by people who decide to help their loved ones cope with this task without visiting a beauty salon or barbershop.

The main thing is to know the basics of men’s haircuts.

In modern conditions, a visit to your beloved master in the salon is not always possible, and therefore the thought more and more often comes to mind: “Maybe I can handle it too?”

At first glance, there is nothing difficult in self- haircut , but experts warn that without knowing the basics, you risk getting not the result you expected.

Stylist Pavel Vaan is sure that the reason for disappointment is the lack of knowledge of the basics of technology:
Maybe if he likes Andre Agassi’s hairstyle. What to cut there, you ask? Yes, almost nothing. It is a fact. Well, even if there was something, in any case it would have turned out almost the same. It is not difficult to turn your head into a tennis ball – for this you just need to put on the attachment on the typewriter in accordance with the length of the hair that you want to leave and, preferably, walk over the entire head with smooth movements. Although there are some nuances here too, if you want the hair to continue to grow well and not to irritate the scalp. In general, I do not advise you to be guided by the first videos you come across on YouTube, which promise to teach you everything in two minutes. Better to learn from the professionals. Well, what about those who wants to keep up with fashion and look their best without visiting a barbershop? There is only one way out: send your other half or mom to courses. Fortunately, you don’t have to go far now. The basics of haircuts can be learned from the comfort of your home, online.

Dear women, you can do it. What should you learn? Let’s look at everything in order.

The first is the tool. A regular comb with large teeth will not work. As well as office scissors. We need professional hairdressing salons. And, of course, a clipper and a trimmer for trimming the temples.

So take care of acquiring the necessary tools before “grabbing” the head of your loved one.
Item number two. Before cutting, you need to decide on the shape and consider the very shape of the head. Out of proportion is usually comical. The most common mistake is that a beginner master does not control the balance of the form from different sides. Reflection of the model in the mirror can help with this.
And third. The haircut is created in stages, by zones. You can’t break the sequence. Failure to follow the steps will inevitably lead you to a fiasco. Pay special attention to these points when you have the right tools in your hands. “

Of course, a good master will be able to fulfill any client’s whim, taking into account your individual characteristics. But only good! Therefore, learning to do it yourself is a good way out. Moreover, in our difficult time. The main thing is not to ignore important rules.

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