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I have already been Crucified The IC Went to Investigate The Complainant to Putin

At a press conference, President Putin read out a letter from Yuri Krasnyansky from the village of Alakurtti, Murmansk Region. He complained: there was only one ambulance, a doctor in the outpatient clinic – “an old woman of 86 years old who hardly distinguishes hemorrhoids from sore throats.” Putin promised to deal with the problem. And the local authorities decided to deal with the author of the video message. We contacted Krasnyansky and the staff of the rural dispensary.

An outpatient clinic in the village of Alakurtti was attacked by journalists after Putin’s press conference. We managed to call the staff of the medical facility before they were not allowed to give comments.

We didn’t look at the direct line, but we’ve already heard that they talked about our village,says the receptionist.

Do you really do not have enough people?

There is enough of all. We work by order, there are certain standards for the number of employees in our institution. I have no time to talk to you, I accept challenges.

Do you really have a woman who is 86 years old as a therapist?

Our oldest employee is 65 years old. And the man who sent the letter wrote a lie.

How many employees do you have in total

  • Sixteen, as it should be according to the staffing table. We have no complaints. My bosses are calling me, sorry, there is no time to talk.

Another employee of the outpatient clinic confirmed that the therapist Tatyana Aleksandrovna Yakovleva was wrongly slandered: “She really works alone. She was offended that they talked about her in such a tone throughout the country. She is now thinking of quitting. The load on her is colossal, the woman is torn. If she leaves, who will heal the people? “

If I were in their place, I would admit the problems, and not make excuses.

We spoke with the author of the video message Yuri Krasnyansky. The man lives in the village, works in a psychoneurological boarding school as a junior nurse. He has five children and two grandchildren.

Did you become famous in your homeland after your name sounded at a press conference?

Yes, I was already crucified here. The Investigative Committee is going to investigate.

Did they call you from the Ministry of Health?

They didn’t call from there.

Is your village big?

Alakurtti is practically an urban-type settlement. The population is about 5 thousand, plus a couple of thousand more soldiers live on the territory. We have a lot of young people, we are in second place in the Murmansk region in terms of fertility. We are located 60 kilometers from the Finnish border.

A deplorable situation with medicine?

Perhaps I voiced what is happening a little bit wrong. Only a minute was allotted to the video clip for the press conference, you cannot say much during this time. Therefore, I did not get to the point.

Tell us more

We had one ambulance in our village, and they gave us another one. But the doctors are in trouble. There is one paramedic and one grandmother for the whole village – a general practitioner, as I said in a video message. It is high time for a woman to retire, but there is no one to replace her.

The ambulance is open from 5 pm to 8 am on a weekday. On weekends – full day. But if the ambulance took the patient to the hospital in the regional center, which is 120 km from the village, it will return in five hours. Considering that we live in the north, where the roads are covered with snow, the travel time for the ambulance is increasing. Imagine a person has a heart attack or appendicitis, then 6-8 hours are enough for him to die. I would like this situation to be somehow settled.

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