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Senator Infuriated by CAS “Lawlessness” Towards Putin

Russia will appeal the decision of the Court of Sports of Lausanne (CAS), which prohibits Russian President Vladimir Putin from attending the Olympic Games and World Championships for two years.
This decision is an absolute lawlessness, it is completely indecent. Of course Russia will challenge this decision, we will not leave it unattended and unanswered the senator said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Dzhabarov called the CAS verdict legally unacceptable. According to him, if doping is detected, individual athletes should be punished, not entire countries and the leaders of the “largest Olympic powers in the world.”

What kind of structure is this – CAS? The highest world authority God the senator was indignant, noting that the representatives of the CAS are just ordinary officials.

We will remind, earlier the CAS banned the top officials of Russia from attending the Olympics, Paralympics and World Championships in the next two years.

In addition to Putin, the ban applies to the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Ministers of the Russian Federation.

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