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Sexually Transmitted Circumcision Diseases

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Diseases produced by infectiuos agents trabsnitted by sexual contact are called sexually transmitted diseases.


Gonorrhea is one of the most commen sexually transmitted diseases cause by Niesseria Gonorrhea (gran negative diplococci also call gonococci).


sites of infection:

. Male: most commonly urethra, other sites are prostate, seminal vesicles and epididymis.

.Females: Most commonly cervix, other sites are uterine tubes that may lead to fibrosis of uterine tubes, causing infertility.

Entry of gonococci into pelvic peritoneum in female via uterine tube may cause peritonitis.

Entry of gonococci into the blood stream may cause bacteremia with fever, skin rash gonococcal endocarditis and gonococal arthritis.

Gonococcal infection transmitted to fetus during delivery through birth canal may produce neonatal opthalmitis.

Clinical features

.In men, the common presentation is dysuria and purulent urethal discharge. in  women, cervicitis may produce avaginal doscharge.

.Gonorrhea may be asymptotic especially in women.


.Gram staining of smear obtained from urethral or vaginal discharge reveals gram negative diplococci.

.Culture and sensitivity of discharge.

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