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Rudeness at The Highest Level

Two remarkable events took place on Wednesday 16 December 2020. The State Duma of Russia adopted a law on the rudeness of officials. Under this law, they will be severely fined – up to 100 thousand rubles for each case.
The law clarifies the concept of public insult. It can be expressed not only in an indecent, but also “in another form that contradicts generally accepted norms of morality and ethics.”

On the same day, a shocking episode of outright rudeness occurred in the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg. The deputy who was standing on the podium began to say something interesting, but the chairman of the Legislative Assembly Vyacheslav Makarov did not like it. Thanks to electricity, the Internet and other achievements of civilization, everyone can hear the speaker Makarov hissing at the deputy: “Sit down, come on! Sit down, sit down! Sit down, they tell you! “

Makarov just hissed angrily. His intonations were not deputy, but hooligan, boorish – any examination will confirm this. Not only did he address the deputy with the “you”, but there were obviously threatening notes in his voice. So they say in the gateway.
It would be great if a deputy of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly became the first victim of the law on punishment for rudeness, which was adopted by the Russian Duma.

Two points darken our joy over such a wonderful law. First: is a deputy considered an official? After all, if not, it will not work to punish him for rudeness. The second is a certain imperfection of the initiators of the beautiful law; the impression is that the old professionals have come up with a law on virginity.

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