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Chechen journalist asked Putin a question despite Peskov’s cry

Russian President Vladimir Putin answered the question of Chechen journalism about the reason for the sanctions against the head of the republic, Ramzan Kadyrov. Putin does not consider the sanctions against Kadyrov to be anything unique.

Is it only against Kadyrov that they come up with sanctions, against the whole of Russia Putin said. He believes that the imposition of sanctions is a sign of patriotism of the person against whom they are imposed. The sanctions are indicative of a special relationship with Putin. “Some of my relatives and comrades-in-arms are even offended if there are no sanctions against them,” the head of state said.

In addition, Putin considers Russia to be self-sufficient, like the Chechen people. And Kadyrov himself, as far as he knows, is philosophical about the sanctions imposed on him.

After Putin’s speech, the Chechen journalist began asking the question again, although Peskov tried to interrupt her and pointed out immodesty. But Putin still answered her second question about Kadyrov’s special role in the Muslim world. Putin stressed that Russia has traditionally strong ties with the Arab world, and now there is a rapprochement between the two sides.

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