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New Child Benefits Expected From Putin at a Press Conference

Most of the questions from citizens that came to Vladimir Putin’s large press conference were devoted to the topic of payments for children. Recall that one-time child benefits in connection with the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 were introduced twice – it was received by the parents of children under the age of 16. The first payment was announced by Putin in June, the second was made in July. It was possible to receive one-time child allowances upon personal contact with the Pension Fund or upon application through the State Service website, and the second payment was made according to a “lightweight” scenario for those who filled out the electronic form for the first time.

In the fall, many expected that the state would extend the regime of child payments – however, due to the fact that the regions of Russia did not go into lockdown, the enterprises continued to work, the payment of benefits for children under 16 did not continue.

Now citizens watching Vladimir Putin’s 2020 press conference expect the head of state to announce new child benefits, which would of course be of great help to Russians.

UPDATE: At the very end of the press conference, the President announced that for all children under the age of 7, by the end of the year, parents will receive a one-time allowance of 5,000 rubles. You can get them in the same way as you received the previous benefits of 10,000. 

How to get the new day allowance – read in detail in the article “State Services Explained Receiving Payments of 5000 for Children in December” .

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