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The First Household Test For COVID-19 Appeared On Sale

Despite the fact that the degree of tension against the background of the coronavirus pandemic has subsided, the risks of contracting COVID-19 remain. This means that the requirements for epidemiological safety must still be observed. Many people would like to have coronavirus tests done at regular intervals. This is possible, but requires a trip to a medical facility. This is what repels people – you need to spend several hours in a crowded place full of potentially sick people.

the first coronavirus test that can be used at home has appeared on sale. It was developed by the German company Adversis Pharma and the test, respectively, is sold only in Germany. Scientists from the University of Leipzig also took part in the work on the test. It allows you to determine the presence of antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. However, it cannot be called completely domestic – after the blood samples have been taken, they must be delivered to the research laboratory on their own.

The result can be obtained online within 12-14 hours after the test has been submitted for analysis. Experts note that this test cannot replace testing in a clinic, but it can indicate with sufficient accuracy the presence or absence of antibodies in the human body. The test kit became available for purchase in German pharmacy chains, both for offline purchase and for ordering online. The cost of the test is 49 euros.

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