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Britain Faces Re-Quarantine Due to Critical Growth Of COVID-19 Patients

The coronavirus pandemic in the UK has reached critical levels. While scientists are trying to figure out how to get the virus under control, the country is still facing a second general quarantine. What measures are in effect in the UK now and what can people expect in the near future?

This is what the British government thinks. It was decided to increase the maximum amount of the fine for those who violate the quarantine to £ 10,000.

The severe measures take effect from 28 September. They expect that by the end of the month the system of contact tracing of the infected should finally start working. In the UK, there are now about four thousand cases a day. The government believes that isolating all those who at least potentially carry the virus will avoid a nationwide quarantine.

“We have a choice. Observe the rules: do not gather for more than six, isolate if the test is positive or there was contact with an infected person. Or we will be forced to impose additional restrictions, ”says Health Minister Matt Hancock.

Students are returning to higher education institutions in the UK this week. University College London decided to cut the number of students attending classes at the same time by a quarter, ordered everyone to wear masks, and even acquired their own laboratory to check tests for coronavirus.

We will only check those who have symptoms, ”says college pro-rector Michael Arthur.

But after schools reopened and people returned to jobs, the nationwide testing system in the UK collapsed.

but I couldn’t. Our son had a coronavirus confirmed two days ago. We feel bad and cough, but there is nowhere to be tested, ”says the Briton.

Prime Minister Johnson prayed this Sunday. At Westminster Abbey, he read the Epistle to the Philippians from the New Testament.

The solemn service was dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, such large-scale events in the abbey have not been held since the beginning of the pandemic. And it is possible that it will be the last one this year. London Mayor Sadiq Khan considers it necessary to introduce additional restrictions in the city again. In several regions in the north of England, it is already forbidden to gather in campaigns for those who do not live under the same roof.

“I don’t think this is fair. I do not understand why at work I can communicate with strangers, but I cannot meet with friends. What’s the point in that? ”Says the mayor.

Dissatisfied with the actions of the government rallied in central London on Saturday and Sunday. It got to the point of clashes with the police. Over 30 people were detained.

Brexit leader Nigel Farage is fueling the discontent: “A small group of people decides to fine the rest of £ 10,000 without consulting anyone. Parliament has no control over anything. I thought we were living in a democracy, but it is becoming like a dictatorship. “

While the British are enjoying the warm weather in the parks, albeit under police supervision. But on September 22, Prime Minister Johnson intends to issue a statement on the second wave of the pandemic. To count on the fact that he will please someone is at least naive.

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