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Horses Will Give a New Drug Against COVID-19

The Scientific and Technical Institute of Costa Rica is creating a drug against coronavirus based on horse antibodies, TASS reports . As part of the work, the scientists injected six horses with SARS-CoV-2 proteins. In this case, three horses received only part of the protein. The rest are a combination of four coronavirus proteins. After four injections every two weeks, the horses developed the correct antibody level.

Then the blood was taken from the animals, the plasma was separated from the erythrocytes, the antibodies were isolated from the plasma, they were purified and a composition suitable for testing on humans was obtained. According to preliminary estimates, one dose of antibodies (one bottle) will cost about $ 100. But the final price of the product for human use will be 10 times higher.

Albert Rizvanov, Director of the Scientific and Clinical Center for Precision and Regenerative Medicine, Professor of the Department of Genetics at the Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology of Kazan Federal University, comments on the work of Western colleagues: “The technology for obtaining antibodies from animals is cheaper and faster.

By analogy earlier for example pork insulin was used. Over time they abandoned this method and switched to a human one, because human proteins work better than proteins and do not cause immune reactions. “

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