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10-year-Old Son Efremov Confirmed COVID-19

The youngest son of Mikhail Efremov convicted of an accident, 10-year-old Bori, has confirmed the coronavirus. The artist’s wife Sofya Kruglikova and the couple’s senior heirs: Vera, 15, and Nadia, 13, also passed the tests, after which the family decided to isolate themselves in a dacha outside Moscow.

Talking about his children during the trial, the showman repeatedly mentioned that the younger ones have very poor health: they are allergic and asthmatic. Therefore, they spend most of their time outside the city – in the fresh air.

While Mikhail Olegovich was under house arrest in an apartment in Plotnikov Lane, Vera, Nadezhda and Boris often visited him. And with the beginning of the new school year, they finally moved to the city. The actor’s youngest son probably contracted COVID-19 at school.

“The younger Bory, indeed, confirmed the covid. At the same time, he feels well, the disease is almost asymptomatic, there is no temperature. Brought from school, where one of his classmates fell ill. All the students took tests, Boris was positive, ” StarHit quotes a friend of the Efremov family, a veteran of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department, Alexei Lobarev.

Today it became known about the appearance of another lawyer for the artist – a complaint to the Presnensky court against the verdict was filed by one of the best experts in Russia on road traffic accidents, Peter Kharkhorin. According to the representatives of the court, the lawyer asks to change the sentence and impose a sentence not related to imprisonment.

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