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Sharon Stone Showed Sister Recovered From COVID-19

Sharon Stone in her microblog published a joint photo of 59-year-old sister Kelly and their mother, 86-year-old Dorothy Stone. The publication caused a huge resonance among subscribers, as in August Sharon announced that Kelly had contracted the Covid-19 virus and was hospitalized. At the same time, the forecasts were the most alarming, since the virus was superimposed on an immune chronic disease – lupus erythematosus.

The Hollywood star blamed the incident on those irresponsible people who violate the mask regime: “My sister Kelly, who already suffers from lupus, is now also sick with coronavirus. One of you, opponents of the masks, did it and infected her. She has no immunity . Wear a mask – for yourself and for the sake of other people!.
Today Sharon Stone has delighted fans – Kelly is quite healthy.
However, the subscribers still have many questions: how did the disease go, is it not dangerous for Kelly to be near her elderly mother – after all, Dorothy is at risk. Sharon has not yet commented.

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