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Five-Hour COVID-19 Prevention: A Girl Spends So Much Time Cleaning Every Day

In order not to let the coronavirus into her home, 49-year-old DeAna D’Monte daily “licks” every corner of her home to an almost sterile state. This lesson takes her up to 5 (!) Hours a day.

The woman almost never leaves the house, except for walks with the dog and rare trips to the post office. The reason is the same: fear of contracting the virus.

“Remove everything here”
A new study by the manufacturer of cleaning products Hydrachem showed that 57% of Britons began to spend much more time cleaning than before the pandemic. On average, this time increased by 63 minutes per week. And for many, cleaning has become not just a way to keep their home clean, but a real mania.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Oliver Sindall emphasizes that the reasons for this “obsession” are rational and should not be confused with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

DeAna herself recalls that it all started quite harmlessly. Here are some of her comments on this.
The woman has her own thoughts about why the information about COVID-19 influenced her so much:

It also affects my immune system: even common colds always last long. So I’m worried about how the COVID-19 infection might affect me and I just try to protect myself as much as possible. “

Impeccable cleanliness
DeAnna admits she uses about four bottles of bleach a week and has probably used over 100 since the start of the pandemic.

“I trust bleach more than any other cleaning product because I know it kills the virus,” she explains.

The house has a strict cleaning regime. If DeAnna used to do it, like everyone else, once or twice a week, then spring cleaning has become a daily activity.

To do everything, you have to get up very early, at 6 in the morning. There is no time left for watching TV for all the troubles.
DeAnna starts cleaning immediately after drinking a cup of coffee and walking the dog. And he doesn’t stop until he feels that the house is clean enough. This usually happens around 11-12 in the morning.

Every day, the woman vacuums and wipes all doorknobs, washes the front door and mailbox, railings, tiles and floors with a mild bleach solution, which she pours into a spray bottle for convenience.

DeAnna wipes those surfaces that cannot tolerate bleach with an antibacterial spray.

Additional detergents cost $ 30 each week.

A woman unpacks purchases only in disposable gloves on her kitchen table, and then be sure to spray it with a bleach solution. According to her, she feels uncomfortable with the thought of how many people touched the packages before they were here.

DeAnna says she will not stop cleaning daily until the pandemic is over:

I feel that cleaning is what I have to do so that my loved ones and I do not get infected. “

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