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How our Pension System Differs From Other Countries

Russian pensions were compared with world ones.Most Russians would like to have a pension of 30-50 thousand rubles. However, representatives of highly paid professions want to receive 2-3 times more in old age. This is evidenced by the results of a recent survey conducted by a popular recruiting service and …

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The USA Showed How to Destroy the Russian anti-aircraft Systems S-400

Lockheed-Martin, the main arms supplier for the Pentagon, has unveiled a new guided missile. A promotional video has been published on the company’s official website in which the promising PrSM long-range high-precision missile system simulates an attack on an enemy air defense system. The enemy is the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft …

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The Duma Offered an Unexpected Way to Increase Pensions

Yaroslav Nilov, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Labor and Social Policy, commented on the results of the study, according to which Russians expect a pension in the amount of 30 to 45 thousand rubles. The parliamentarian said that he did not consider these expectations too high.Nilov said that …

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