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Russian scientists taught a neural network to detect COVID-19 by coughing

When there is a war, all means become good to detect and neutralize the enemy. risk of contracting the coronavirus. In such an environment, a new technology for diagnosing the presence of this disease in a person can be a salvation for many. It will allow timely detection of COVID-19 and treatment.

According to Izvestia, the author of the new method for diagnosing coronavirus is the scientific group of the Meditex company. Researchers analyzed the cough of people with COVID-19 and identified characteristic fragments in it. If you imagine the sound of a cough in the form of a spectrogram, this is the name of a picture showing the dependence of sound frequencies on time, then these areas are even visible visually. Scientists propose to use the capabilities of a neural network specially trained on tens of thousands of samples.
Initial trials of the new approach made it possible to obtain high accuracy in the diagnosis of COVID-19. The technology can be implemented, for example, in the form of a mobile application for quick and affordable self-diagnostics. In addition, the method can be used in clinics. Its advantage is that the doctor does not need to directly contact the patient once again. This will somewhat reduce the high risks of coronavirus disease among hospital staff.

The system can also be implemented in the form of stationary terminals, which can be located in public and crowded places, at transport infrastructure facilities. The method is currently being tested in Russian clinics. However, the widespread adoption of such a convenient and fast method for diagnosing coronavirus will only be possible when it is certified. This process has been launched, but it will take time to complete all the formalities.

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