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The Ministry of Health named the share of erroneous tests for COVID-19

Up to 40% of coronavirus test results can be erroneous, said the chief freelance pulmonologist of the Ministry of Health. The main problem is how well the material was taken.

Up to 30-40% of tests for COVID-19 can be erroneous and give a false negative result. This, according to “RIA Novosti”, said the chief freelance pulmonologist of the Ministry of Health of Russia Sergei Avdeev.

He explained that such errors are associated with problems with the collection of materials that are used in testing.

Avdeev clarified that the accuracy of the test result also depends on when exactly it was taken. At an early stage, the likelihood of getting a positive result is greater. The decision to repeat the test can only be made by a doctor, he said.

At the same time, the expert added, even if the test was erroneous and did not show coronavirus, but the symptoms still speak of COVID-19, the treatment tactics will still not change.

In July, Larisa Popovich, director of the HSE Institute of Public Health, told RBC that the Russian-made tests used at that time in themselves had an accuracy of about 96%. If the tests fail to select an antigen, they may notice residual traces of other viruses, ”said Popovich about possible testing shortcomings. Popovich noted that 16 tests for coronavirus with different sensitivity are used in Russia. Sometimes there are false results, because a piece of the genome was chosen badly. Chinese tests have sinned with this from the very beginning, ”the scientist said.

In May, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor at the GMU School of Systems Biology (USA) Ancha Baranova said that tests for coronavirus and antibodies to it can give false results at any stage of the disease. For example, the human body can fight the infection itself without producing antibodies due to natural interferons. In this case, the antibody test will give a negative result, although the person has already had COVID-19. A coronavirus test can be false negative if, after taking antiviral drugs, the infection is defeated, but pneumonia continues to develop.

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