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A woman from St. Petersburg with COVID-19 connected to a ventilator managed to give birth to a child and died

The baby was left an orphan, having lost all relatives in a week: grandparents and mother. All died from the coronavirus.
On November 5, a 64-year-old man died, a few days later his pregnant daughter died on a ventilator in the Botkin hospital, having managed to give birth to a child, whom his mother managed to name Kirei in honor of her father, and after a while the newly-made grandmother died.
The biopap of the newborn was eliminated from the very beginning of pregnancy, therefore the cousin of the deceased Svetlana Larisa, who has three children of her own, applied for the child’s custody.

She said that most likely Svetlana and her mother contracted the coronavirus in the hospital, where they went to visit the father of the family: “Svetlana’s dad was in the hospital, he underwent heart surgery. Probably, Sveta and her mother went to visit, and there they caught the virus. Because when Uncle Kirey was taken (home) on October 28, his temperature rose on the second day. Sveta’s mom, Aunt Vera, called a doctor for herself and her dad. They took Svetlana’s dad in an ambulance, but they didn’t even look at mom. Sveta was at first in the hospital, and then, when her covid was confirmed, she was admitted to Botkin’s infectious diseases hospital. It seems to have happened on November 1st. She had a temperature of 37, and then she got worse and worse.” She said: “They give some kind of cough powder and that’s it.” When her mom Aunt Vera finally had a CT scan and was told to go to the hospital urgently, because she had 60% of the lung damage. She did not even hesitate to say: “Take it.” And when they brought her, there were no places. She was told: “Lie on the floor in the corridor.” It was November 2, a hospital on Avangardnaya, something like that. Aunt Vera died on November 12th. “
Until the issue of custody or adoption is resolved (since a man has appeared who called himself the father of the child), the baby will be in the Children’s Home. The name he was given by his mother, and the patronymic was invented by the employees of the institution. Now the affairs of Kirey, who was born at the 32nd week of pregnancy, are being dealt with by the guardianship authorities both at the place of residence and at the place of registration. If the result of the genetic examination confirms the paternity of the man, then the fate of Kirey can be decided in his favor.

By the way, only one death of a pregnant woman from COVID-19 was officially recorded in St. Petersburg – on May 21, a 34-year-old foreign woman died, whose baby did not survive. According to unofficial data, four pregnant women died, two of whom managed to deliver and the babies survived, including Kirei.

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