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Revealed the Cause of the Death of the FSO Lieutenant Colonel in Moscow: Left a Note

The FSO lieutenant colonel died tragically on Monday in the north-east of Moscow. The officer could not come to terms with the death of his beloved wife, who passed away a year ago.
As it became known to “MK”, ​​in the last year from time to time, the 38-year-old deputy head of one of the departments expressed sad thoughts to relatives. He missed his beloved wife Julia, who suddenly passed away on December 31, 2019. The woman complained of stomach pains and, on the recommendation of a doctor, underwent gastroscopy. After returning home from the hospital, she decided to lie down to rest and woke up more. As doctors later concluded, the woman died of cardiovascular failure. Although she had not previously complained of her heart. She was 42 years old.

On Monday, the lieutenant colonel was supposed to be on duty, but he never showed up. At about 8 o’clock in the morning, eyewitnesses called the ambulance service – a lifeless man was lying under the windows of an apartment building. It was a tenant from the 6th floor, an employee of the FSO. A note was found in the apartment with a request to bury him with Yulia at the Khimki cemetery. It was established that at the time of the tragedy, the lieutenant colonel was sober, and was alone in the apartment.

The deceased employee was left with elderly parents, with whom he was the only son. He got into the FSO through connections through relatives after graduating from MATI. He did not tell his parents what he did in the service. He met Julia right there – the woman was a civil servant of the FSO. They entered into a marriage on December 1, 2018.On Saturday, the lieutenant colonel came to stay at his parents’ apartment, stayed overnight. The pensioners did not notice the depressive mood of their son. He returned home on Sunday

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