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A Woman Tried to fix Electrical Problems in The Basement on Her Own

The young mother died from an electric shock in her own home in the Moscow region. The body of the unfortunate woman was discovered by her little children.
As it became known to “MK”, ​​on December 20 at about 13 o’clock in a private house in the Khimki district to meet the nanny, who comes to work on weekends, frightened and crying girls ran out. They told the woman that their mother was in the basement and did not answer them. Going down to the basement, the nanny found the lifeless 34-year-old mistress of the house there. Calling an ambulance, the nanny woke up the civil wife of the deceased and told about what had happened. The man was hysterical, they could hardly tear him away from his wife. The children had to be urgently taken out into the street.

Apparently, the deceased sat two daughters of three and five years old to have dinner (there were two almost untouched children’s plates with food on the table), and she herself went down to the basement to fix some problem, where she was electrocuted.

The family moved to this house in May. And at once small domestic problems began – one did not work, then another. The basement was constantly heated, the water was pumped out with a pump. Then the master advised to replace the pump, which they did. It was also necessary to change the electrical panel in the boiler room, which was also not all right. And about two weeks ago, the wiring was repaired in the boiler room.
The deceased was a native of Kazan, a housewife, raised two daughters, the family was provided for by her husband, who was engaged in business. They lived in the Moscow region for about 10 years. A little over a year ago, in her hometown, a woman, along with her brother, opened a dog grooming salon. Before the birth of children, she worked in television.

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