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British Journalist Fled After Putin’s Tough Response

British journalist for the BBC Steven Rosenberg left the WTC room, which was hosting a press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Let us remind you that Rosenberg asked Putin whether Russia considers itself “white and fluffy” after the incidents with the poisoning of Skripals and Navalny. Yes, we are white and fluffy, Putin replied, urging to compare the policies of Western countries and Russia.
Also, Putin asked a question to the journalist himself, to which he could not answer. Stephen, can you explain why we are still not even given an official opinion – said Putin. After the surprised Rosenberg refused to answer, Putin asked for forgiveness, but added that the answer was still not given.

Also, Putin compared the situations with Kosovo and Crimea. There was a referendum in Crimea, but the US does not recognize the will of citizens. In addition, Russia saved the Eastern European countries from the Soviet dictatorship, but NATO, in violation of oral agreements, began to expand.

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