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We End The Summer Positively, Or Less and Less About COVID-19

But Elena Zolotova , head of the youth affairs committee of the Krasnodar mayor’s office , apparently cannot forget the journalistic past, and is trying to “smear” Kondratyev in the channel named after herself “Lena Zolotova” , criticizing colleagues along the way: “Governor Kondratyev’s fight with a fire on As we see, experts from PolitBroker assessed it negatively.

But this, in my opinion, is not entirely true.
Alas, the media exhaust of the governor’s PR people was such that everything good that the authorities did was completely blocked by the negative from eyewitnesses.

And here we must honestly admit that ordinary volunteers, hippies, nudists and ecotourists turned out to be an order of magnitude more literate and professional in the information environment of those who are responsible for Kondratyev’s PR.


An ugly situation, in fact, but the experts were not talking about the Utrish fire, but the water supply. Sounds like a situation that can be characterized by the proverb “a thief’s hat is on fire”?

That’s all, August is over, summer is also over, let’s sum up the results of the month … and we will wait for a bright elective September.

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