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Prospects for changing the law on weapons

Azamat Dyshekov, Deputy Head of the Department of Licensing and Permitting Work of the Main Directorate of State Control and Licensing and Permitting Work of the Russian Guard, took part in the conference on behalf of the National Guard.

He answered all the questions in great detail and fully, and there were quite a few of them, some were rather acute.

Of course, those present were interested in when the electronic permit will be introduced and how it will look, whether it will work in areas where there is no Internet or any connection in general.

Azamat Dyshekov said that the permit would contain all the necessary information about the owner and the weapon belonging to him, and no connection would be needed to verify it.

A special terminal will be needed from a police officer or the National Guard.

He also said that negotiations are underway with the Ministry of Health, and it has already been possible to reach an understanding that the National Guard may receive information about the future owner of the weapon.

Thus, with the introduction of such interaction, the need to independently obtain certificates when obtaining licenses and renewing permits may disappear.

Of course, everyone was interested in when the electronic system would start working. According to information from Rosgvardia, work has already begun, some operations that are still associated with legal entities are already being transferred to electronic document management, and a full-fledged launch of the system is scheduled for 2023.

Much attention was paid to the introduction of new amendments to the law and the possibility of participation of public organizations in this process. Although Rosgvardia is not involved in the development of laws, it is very actively involved in their discussion and generation of ideas.

So, for example, the adoption of new hunting rules, or rather the inclusion of zeroing in them, is also a merit of the active position of the Russian Guard.

It is also interesting to see the situation when, in the event of amendments to the reloading of rifled cartridges, the Russian Guard did not object in any way, and the public organization “Shooting Union of Russia” came out with extremely reactionary, prohibitive positions.

Also during the discussion, the following questions were raised: “Why is it impossible to take into account the period of ownership of a licensed air gun in the period of five years, which is needed to purchase a rifled one? And why in the law is there a limitation of pneumatic, again licensed weapons in 25 J? “

The Rosvardia spokesman agreed that both restrictions are ill-founded and are more historical than reasonable. In addition, there are restrictions on the sale of pneumatics, which are also ineffective, but make it difficult to distribute them among shooting enthusiasts.

On the whole, the conference was very positive and useful.

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