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Singapore Takes New Level of Tracking of COVID-19 Infected

A new system for controlling carriers of coronavirus infection has been introduced in Singapore, the BBC reports . It relies on the use of tokens. With the help of Bluetooth technology, it is possible to trace all contacts among five million inhabitants. Tokens are carried around all the time, being the hardware version of the contact tracing system (application) released in March.

Bluetooth searches for other users’ devices and then registers any contacts with those devices. This scheme makes it possible to track the movement of people in conditions of increased epidemiological risk – in crowded places. The system was initially introduced to older Singaporeans. However, in the near future, tokens will be available to everyone, including foreign residents.

Currently, Singaporeans must register at stores and office buildings using a separate SafeEntry system, which uses QR codes to record the presence of users in a specific location. As a reminder, Singapore launched a citizen contact tracking application back in March. The Ministry of Health believes that this helps to reduce the time required to identify the infected and their direct contacts from four days to two.

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