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Crowned Anna: Semenovich, Aho Fell Ill With COVID-19, Spoke About Her Condition

The coronavirus appears to be targeting celebrities. On the eve of the news about the infection with a dangerous virus was published by the former member of the “Brilliant” group Anna Semenovich. However, the singer immediately reassured her fans, saying that she now feels fine and is at home on self-isolation.
Insidious coronavirus
According to Anna Semenovich, she fell ill with a dangerous illness seven days ago, but did not want to frighten her followers on Instagram, therefore she did not admit the diagnosis made by the doctors.

To date, the singer is feeling good. She has no temperature and never had. Among the symptoms of the disease, only mild weakness was observed. Now the star of the scene is on self-isolation, which ends on October 12. After that, Anna Semenovich plans to return to work. Her body will already be with antibodies developed as a result of a previous illness. The singer urged her subscribers not to forget about precautions: wear masks and gloves, do not visit crowded places.
More and more stars are becoming “hostages” of the coronavirus. Basketball player Janis Timma, the husband of Anna Sedokova, is also among the sick. In the summer, Anita Tsoi got sick with the virus, and in September Anna Netrebko met her birthday in a hospital bed. At the same time, the husband of the opera diva, Yusif Eyvazov, suffered a coronavirus on his legs and was very surprised when antibodies were found in his blood.

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