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COVID-19 Survives On Gadget Displays For Up To 28 Days!

Almost all adequate people are aware of the degree of danger of infection with COVID-19. Many people understand the need to wear masks, maintain social distance and take the introduction of quarantine measures. Nevertheless, the somewhat weakened onslaught of the pandemic threatens to roll over humanity with a new wave. People continue to become infected, despite the fact that they carefully follow all the precautions against it.

Researchers, writes edition, having studied the behavior and properties of the SARS-Cov-2 virus, argue that it is more tenacious than previously thought. In particular, it is able to remain active for a long time while on certain surfaces. For example, on smartphone displays, it can survive up to 28 days. Naturally, this is only possible if certain conditions are met.
The virus desperately needs the surface temperature to be close to 20 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity to 50%. Experts have found that in the process of regular use, both the first and second parameters are close to those indicated. Thus, smartphone displays can be considered dangerous sources, with every chance of causing a jump in the incidence. It is enough just to give someone a phone for a couple of minutes to get sick, or infect someone!

Based on all this, more attention needs to be paid to disinfecting mobile devices. Also, the SARS-Cov-2 virus is able to remain alive for a long time on banknotes, glass and metal surfaces. The conclusions voiced by scientists should make new adjustments to the tactics of combating coronavirus. Knowledge must arm people and help them develop new approaches that can reduce the number of cases.

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