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The COVID-19 test appeared within 5 minutes!

The pandemic does not want to subside. This is partly due to the onset of autumn, when the number of people suffering from various respiratory diseases traditionally increases. This fact can significantly enhance its course. Some experts are anxiously awaiting the onset of cold weather, when the most severe and difficult to predict consequences of the circulation of coronavirus and other respiratory transmitted diseases may occur.

The world desperately needs new diagnostic technologies that would allow not only to quickly and accurately detect the presence of coronavirus, but also to determine what other viral pathogens are present in the samples under study. Researchers from Oxford, according to www.ox.ac.uk, have developed a fundamentally new test that differs from anything that has been proposed by science before. When creating it, a neural network was used that quickly compares the received images of viruses with those that are available in a common database.
Scientists have found a way to eliminate antibody response detection techniques and costly sample preparation. Their test works extremely simply and quickly, detecting intact viral particles. A new test will cost several times cheaper, and the time from taking samples to obtaining accurate results will not exceed five minutes. It will be an ideal tool for mass diagnostics and control of the spread of coronavirus and other infections.

It is envisioned that testing sites can be deployed in locations such as airports, hotels, restaurants and other high traffic locations. Another advantage of the new test is that it allows you to identify those who are sick with COVID-19 without showing external symptoms. However, the first prototypes may not be released until early 2021.

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